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To celebrate its 125th anniversary, Mercedes-Benz made the debut of the top favorite Concept A-Class car. The new version will be available sometime next year and will be sold in America and Europe.

Amongst its features, the vehicle will carry a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine ( turbocharged & direct-injected), will include gasoline and diesel engines, and most likely and all electric version. Will also come with a standard collision prevention assistance, in case of an accident the car will brake immediately and will most likely be presented as a 3 and 5 door hatchback, crossover and minivan.

The looks and design follow the same A class details since the late 1990s. At this point the price has not been revealed.

Last and present year, GM vehicles have literally flown out of car dealerships all over the country.

Chevrolet Volt and Chevy Malibu are no exceptions. Thousands of Volts have been sold already, even with the fact that these cars need to be ordered in advance and the customers need to wait, sometimes for months.

GM will be accelerating the next Malibu Generation in about 4 months, the auto will be available on auto shows in the early months of 2012. GM Malibu was one of the top selling vehicles (avg 198.770 units) last year.

Dave Darovitz GM representative added that the 2013 model will be released a few months after the 2012 is launched.

The Malibu was last redesigned in 2008, therefore GM must step up and present new features in the midsized segment car as it faces strong competition from Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and KIA.

The anticipated new version of the muscle Super Snake is finally scheduled to be shown for the first time at the New York International Auto Show.

The stylish car, famous for its power, will carry a 5.4-l supercharged V8 and it is expected to have much more power than the older models.

Amongst its new features the Shelby can be bought with tuned stabilizer bars, front strut tower brace and lowering springs. It has a six speed manual transmission and meets an average of 19 miles per gallon.

The model is considered to be one of the best cars to buy if you are looking for a powerful machine. The Shelby is expected to go on sale on the first days of May.