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As the new year starts, many manufacturers are eager to promote and sell the newer car models, therefore offer a good amount of discounts, incentives and best car prices.

Amongst these amazing car deals, you can find cash back rebates and discounts as high as 17% of the initial price. This discount currently applies to the 2012 Dodge Ram. If you are looking for a smaller car, you can easily negotiate a deal on a 2012 Kia Sedona and obtain at least 11% discount.

There are also plenty of financing options, including a 0% financing deal on 2012 Nissan Maxima, Chevrolet Malibu or Ford Fusion for up to sixty months.

If you would like to lease, there are also plenty of good choices to choose from. Lease a Ford Fiesta for only $159 per month on a 24 month lease and $2.533 at signing. Or, if you are looking for a bigger car you can lease a 2012 Volkswagen CC for just $289 per month on a 36 months period, providing $2,999 at signing.

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As normal and expected, the Detroit Auto Show is home to the best new cars to be launched this year.

Here is a brief summary of some of the models unveiled at the show:

    2013 Cadillac ATS
  • This vehicle shows General Motor’s best efforts to compete with Mercedes Benz and BMW in the luxury car segment. The manufacturer recalls that this is: “the most agile and lightweight Cadillac.” It is expected to push an average of 30 mpg on the highway.
    2012 BMW 3-Series
  • The newer model will be faster, will have more space and will also be more fuel efficient than previous models. This auto will also be available in hybrid.
    2013 Honda Accord
  • The new version is about the same size but it’ll be lighter and has a shorter wheel base and once again, more fuel efficient.

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Ford is surely taking things to another level after unveiling the revamped versions of the top seller Ford Fusion at the Detroit Auto Show.

The new series features the already popular only gasoline and gas electric hybrid models but also the manufacturer’s first plug-in sedan, called the Fusion Energi.

Ford Motor Co has designed this model to beat up competitors such as GM and Toyota, stating this will be the most fuel efficient car all over the globe. The vehicle will deliver an amazing 100 **miles per gallon equivalent using the plug in battery power.

The price of this hybrid has not yet been disclosed. It is expected to be announced in the months to come, just prior to the US release of the vehicle.

Two other plug-in models are expected to be launch soon too: The Ford C-Max Energi (wagon) and the Ford Focus Electric (hatchback).

We will have to wait for a few months to discover if this will be one of this year’s best hybrid cars.

**“Miles per gallon equivalent” is a measure of how far a car drives on an amount of electricity equivalent to the energy contained in one gallon of gasoline.

2011 closed with a surprising 50% increase in car sales, however according to many sources, 2012 will most likely be a great year to acquire a new vehicle and might even top last years numbers.

The first reason for this prediction is that finally the economy is stable and looking much better. In addition, Japanese manufacturers will most likely work aggressively to increase car sales now that they can produce car parts at normal pace. Therefore, they will offer lots of incentives and attractive deals aiming to gain customers back and defeat competitors.

Low interest rate deals are also expected to be maintained as the Federal Open Market Committee has confirmed they will keep the federal funds rate between 0 and 0.25%, making car financing a very good option at the moment.

It is also expected for pre-owned vehicles to keep prices as high or even higher than the past 2 years, which will of course, propel new car sales even more. In addition leasing car deals are also very promising for the months to come. As of matter of fact, many manufacturers have already started offering very low monthly payments on some of their 2012 models.

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