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Once again and following the same trend as the past months of this year, May has already surpassed the expected car sales growth.

All manufacturers are expected to report very good percentages in car sales this month. As an example, Toyota is the big winner this month, with approximately 89.5% sales growth. Honda is taking the second spot with about 49.5%, followed by Fiat with 42.2% and then Ford with 28.1%.

So far this year, auto sales have reached over 14 million, topping 2011. Experts believe the continuous offers, deals, rebate and incentives are the main reason for the rise.

Almost all manufacturers increased the amount of incentives, making this, the most attractive part of buying a new car.

More big discounts will be offered on 2012 models in the coming months, as dealers need to make room for the 2013 ones.

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More new car deals to choose from this month. There is only one week left to take advantage of the best cars to buy.

The following are a few of the current deals offered at local dealerships:

    2012 Nissan Altima 2.5 S
  • MSRP: $23,998
  • Freight, dealer prep and air conditioning tax: $1,795
  • Dealer discount: $850
  • Factory discount: $600 (employee pricing factory to dealer rebate)
  • Factory discount: $3,000 (trading dollars factory to dealer rebate)
  • Taxable subtotal: $21,343
  • Total price: $24,117.59
    2012 Toyota Corolla S auto:
  • MSRP: $21,500
  • Freight, dealer prep and air conditioning tax: $1,565
  • Dealer discount (estimated): $750
  • Taxable subtotal: $22,315
  • Total price: $25,215.95
  • Factory discount: $2,000 (cash Discount factory to consumer rebate)
  • Factory discount: $1,000 (consumer cash factory to consumer rebate)
  • Final price: $22,215.95
  • Can be combined with 0.0% financing for three years
    2012 Volkswagen Tiguan
  • MSRP: $31,275
  • Freight, dealer prep, A/C tax: $1,680
  • Dealer discount: $900
  • Factory discount:$1,500 (dealer discount factory to dealer rebate)
  • Taxable subtotal: $30,555
  • Total price: $34,527.15
  • Dealer cash cannot be combined with 0.0% financing for four years

If you like big and great quality cars, this is a good moment to consider buying a new car using the following May available deals:

Chevrolet Avalanche

You can obtain a $5,000 cash rebate on this model or you can choose a 0.0% financing to 60 months. If you prefer to use a longer term of 72 months, you still get a very low interest of 1.9%. This model will be discontinued at the end of the 2013 model year, so this is a good time to negotiate and get even better deals from dealers.

Chevrolet Impala

You can obtain up to $4,500 cash rebate or 0.0% financing to 72 months. For the LT/LTZ models, you can get an additional $1,000 cash and $4,500 marketing support.

Dodge RAM 1500

To continue talking about big cars discounts. You can get up to $3,000 cash rebate or 0.0% financing to 36 months on this model. If you wish to finance for a longer period, the options are: 1.9% to 48 months, 2.9% to 60 months and 4.9% to 72 months.

Other options for this month with cash rebates are the Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra and Nissan Titan with $3,000 cash rebate and the Toyota Tundra with a $2,500 one.

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Even though all time favorites and preferred American cars for many people are still the SUVs and Pick up trucks, the constant spike in gas prices, the cost of buying a new one and the stress of maintaining a bigger car is quickly changing people’s minds into buying smaller economy cars nowadays.

There are currently plenty of options out there, many manufacturers are competing to provide customers with top notch technology, fuel economy and best car prices on compact and subcompact vehicles.

Amongst the best rated cars in these categories are the following ones:

    2012 Ford Fiesta
  • Base sedan starts at $ 13,995.
  • SE Hatchback starts at $16,465.
  • Fuel economy: 28/38 mpg
    2012 Honda Fit
  • Small hatchback starts at $ 16,621
  • Fits Sport starts at $16,465.
  • Fuel economy: 27/33 mpg
    2012 Chevrolet Sonic
  • Starting at only $ 15,000
  • Fuel economy: 35/40 mpg

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Last month, was Chrysler’s best April in the past four years. The manufacturer is reporting a 20% vehicle sale rise in the United States.

It appears that the deals, incentives and the famous $2,000 car rebate made a difference past month and specifically impacted sales of models: RAM, Wrangler and Chrysler’s midsize sedan.

Vehicle sale count reaches more than 141,000 and it is now the 25th straight month of constant vehicle sales rise.

Following Chrysler is Toyota, reporting a 12% vehicle sale rise for the same month.

GM is also reporting an increase of total sales for the year. Car sales increased from 14 million to 14.5 million, and from 13.5 million to 14 million for trucks.

Chrysler is also breaking records in the other countries. It is reported to be the best seller for the month of April in Canada, and it continues to triumph as the lead seller year to date, beating long time rival Ford.