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Even though the month is ending it does not mean there aren’t any good deals going on. On the contrary, many car dealers are willing to negotiate a smart sale instead of being left with a lot of unsold vehicles in their lot.

One of the top new cars in the market, the Hyundai’s Santa Fe will be replaced sometime this year, therefore, there are a lot of current discounts, rebates and offers on this model. At the moment you could save up to $8,000.

You can also save up to $4,000 on the Hyundai i30 Blue Drive. This vehicle is listed under our best new cars under 20,000 and i is currently available for only 14,000.

If you prefer leasing, there are also current offers with different lease terms and periods, starting at 0% financing and increasing depending on the lease term.

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One of the best selling cars at the moment and America’s favorite in the recent years is currently offering a nice discount if you don’t mind driving a diesel car.

You can save up to $4,000 if you opt for the diesel version. This model is equipped with a 161bhp 2.0-litre turbo-diesel engine. Fuel efficiency is not bad either at about 48.7 miles per gallon combined.

The LTZ trim has cruise and climate control, automatic headlights, wipers and parking sensors. The look is quite attractive and overall it is a very comfortable and modern car.

If you prefer leasing, there are available options that offer 0% financial on 36 month lease terms or a little higher % if you prefer a longer lease term.

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For any experienced BMW customer or for any one who wants to test driving one of this marvelous vehicles, now is a good time to acquire a new BMW 3 Series.

With this vehicle, the driver experiences comfort, efficiency and safety at the same time. The styling is very similar to the 3 series generation, no big changes, however the system has improved.

For a luxury car, the price starts at about $38,000, which is of course very expensive, although there is a decrease in price for all gasoline models.

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