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This Thanksgiving, there might be something more appetizing than the turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. That’s because 25 Best New Cars is giving the latest MSRPs, invoice prices, MPG stats and incentive information on today’s hottest cars, trucks and SUVs.

Take Advantage of Thanksgiving Deals

Anytime a major holiday appears on a calendar, you can be sure that car dealers are going to have a major holiday sale. There are a few tips you might want to consider when car shopping over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Avoid Going Early

The early bird doesn’t get the worm in this scenario. The dealership would love for you to show up early, but that means they can keep you there longer and make you anxious to get your new car or truck. Don’t fall for it. Show up about an hour before closing time and turn the tables on them.

Have a Set Budget

Having a set budget may save you the most money. When they ask how much you are willing to spend, they are expecting you to give them a low number, so do exactly that. $100 under what you would like to spend if the budget is less than $500, or $200 under if it is closer to $1000.

Be Prepared

It’s not only for Boy and Girl Scouts, it is the only way to shop on Thanksgiving. Knowing exactly what the true dealer cost is paramount. True dealer costs are normally below invoice price since dealerships get discounts for buying vehicles from the manufacturers in bulk. The best way to get the deal you want at the terms you dictate, is to be prepared with price quotes from