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Why do we think we are getting a good deal from our dealership when we purchase a new car? Is it because our salesman makes us feel like we are getting a good deal. Is it because he highlights all of the positives while not mentioning some of the negative things purchasing a new car might entail. The best way to get the inside information about the new vehicle is heading to!

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Dealerships dread this time of the year. People are bundled up inside by the fire place and avoiding the cold outside. Snow storms and cold weather have put a halt to the new vehicle frenzy that was the holiday shopping season. With no reason to leave the house, new vehicle shoppers aren’t buying whimsically. This is a great opportunity to take them by surprise if you have done a little research at

Step 1: Get Five or More Quotes at Having accurate local price quotes from local dealerships will give you the upper hand in negotiations.

Step 2: Start A Bidding War. Choose at least two dealerships that have the vehicles you are looking at and approach them with your price quotes. Let them know up front the lowest price you can get at their competition and they will be eager to beat that price and get your business.

Step 3: Redeem Cash Back Incentives and Rebates: Lastly, make the winning dealership aware that you have been to and know about the current rebates and incentives on your vehicle for maximum savings. Stay warm this winter in a new 2014 car, truck or SUV.

A new year and new cars, trucks and SUVs to admire as the auto shows get under way. We did a little research and found 5 of the hottest cars of 2014 so far. You can find the cars below and many more at, where you can get a bottom-dollar price on the new vehicle of your dreams.

5) Toyota Corolla
All reports say that the redesigned 2014 Toyota Corolla is very impressive and noticeable immediately. The exterior and interior both received makeovers and excellent remarks.

4) Ford Fusion
The 2014 Ford Fusion is a force to be reckoned with in the midsize sedan class after its upgrades and design tweaks. Ford may be offering great incentives right now on Fusions at

3) Chevrolet Corvette Z06
New body styles of Corvettes never seem to disappoint car enthusiasts or anyone who lays eyes on them. Not to mention that if you are the driver, you are in 625-horsepower of pure excitement.

2) Audi S8
Audi is everywhere. From marketing at tennis and golf events, incredible television ads and on the road, Audis are on the rise. And get inside the newly redesigned S8 and you will know why. Pure class.

1) Jeep Cherokee
A true American classic has made a considerable transition from boxy to smooth and sporty. One look at the redesigned 2014 Jeep Cherokee and you’ll be scheduling a test drive shortly after. Get the lowest prices in your area on this 2014 Jeep Cherokee at today!

New Year, new resolutions, and great buys on new vehicles during the slow sales cycle. Getting online quotes and having all the best knowledge about true dealer costs, can save you thousands at the dealership if you plan correctly. With the right research at, you will always be in the driver’s seat to receive the lowest price possible on your new vehicle.

Here are a few tips you must know before negotiating the lowest possible price for your vehicle. Start out by finding out how much the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, or MSRP on your new car or truck. Also, get some free quotes from 25 Best New Cars and find out how much you can potentially save on your new vehicle with rebates and incentives. Then find a few dealerships in your area that have the car, truck or SUV you are looking for to start a bidding war.

People are using the internet to research their new vehicle purchases and dealerships know this. They know all of their rebates and incentives are public knowledge and cannot be ignored. So stop by and get as many free quotes as you’d like to maximize your savings on your New Year, new vehicle purchase.

2013 has past and we are all looking forward to 2014. wanted to give you the must-have preview into the new 2014 model year changes and upgrades to your favorite cars. Check out our watch list below and please offer comments in the section below.

BMW 4 Series Coupe
BMW has said goodbye to its classic 3 Series coupe line in favor of the new and improved 4 series model. It is wider, longer and lower to the ground, making its handling even better than before!

Cadillac ELR
Cadillac’s luxurious electric sports coupe, based on the Chevy Volt, packs 60 mph more horsepower than its little brother, so it will be economical and fun to drive.

Chevy Corvette Stingray
A blast from the past with a modern look, the Corvette Stingray sports 450 horsepower V8 and 0-60mph in below 4 seconds. Carbon fiber everywhere makes it lighter than it would seem and ready for the right buyer.

Infiniti Q50
This brand new head turner in the Q line was derived from some of their recent concept cars, and looks like it. Inside the new technology including moving object detection and forward collision warning system, the 328 or 354 horsepower Q50 will keep you moving in style.

Jaguar F-Type
This redesigned F-TYPE sports car is built for speed and starting at 69,000, you can get 340-380 horsepower vehicle. If you have some extra coin, the V8 boasts 498 horsepower!

Take a look at cars like these and many others at