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Car dealerships are predictable. Each month, they must meet certain sales quotas that the auto makers set for sales. Throughout the month, the pressure is mounting on car dealers to move units to meet their sales goals. The time to buy a new vehicle is never better than the end of the month, when the pressure is highest and the prices are lowest.

How do you take advantage of this rare weakness at the dealership? First, wait until the last weekend of the month, when they will be running their best sales. Secondly, make sure you know what you want to pay for the new vehicle on their lot buy checking the invoice price at Lastly, be prepared to walk away from the deal if they do not accept your offer based on the invoice price.

Using these three steps puts you in the driver’s seat in price negotiation, instead of overpaying at the dealership and paying your salesperson’s bonus.

J.D. Power conducts a study of new car quality and Porsche topped the list this year. Buyers reported an average of 116 problems per 100 vehicles in the first 90 days after their vehicle purchase, which was 3% more than the last year. They found that buyers reported more problems this year that they did during the same time frame last year. The cold winter may have had an effect on the numbers with a significant percentage of the problems related to heating systems, engine and transmission issues.

Porsche topped the list with 74 issues per 100 vehicles, while Fiat scored the worst with 206 per 100 vehicles. Ford was the most improved, climbing 11 spots to 16 in the rankings. Acura and Infinity both fell 19 spots in the rankings, during a period when they both released new models. GM won the most awards with 6 vehicles claiming awards in their class. Hyundai was 2nd with 5 vehicles winning J.D. Power awards.

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June is historically the best month for dealership sales. The first 5 months of 2014 have been rocky, with freezing temps hindering early sales. But auto dealers have rebounded with record-setting May sales numbers, with most enjoying double-digit gains over last year. Your local dealership is eager to continue their hot sales streak into June with massive discounts on select vehicles. Here are a few of the best car prices on the net. Make sure you check to see if your local dealer is offering the same of better price quotes on these vehicles.

Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen is pushing its Golf line with attractive pricing of around 23,000 for the six-speed manual transmission. If you want the automatic transmission, an extra $1500 will be needed, but these savings are close to $5000 of its MSRP.

Kia Sportage
Another good buy right now with up to $3500 off MSRP available. Kia is rumored to be making a slight update to the Sportage, so they can be purchased for around 26,900 if you find the right dealer.

Toyota Camry
June is a great month to purchase a Toyota Camry as Toyota has reduced the price another $2000 to boost sales. The Camry can be found for around $26,900, over $7000 under MSRP.

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Do you need a car service but don’t want to pay the outrageous cab fares? Well, if you live in Miami, Florida, Uber has come to you. Uber’s car service is available in 36 countries and 125 cities around the world. If you download the app, you can find a car ready and willing to drive you to your destination for a fraction of the cost of a yellow taxi cab.

Lyft, Uber’s competitor, was recently fined $22,000 for operating their car service in Miami and it looks like Uber may face a similar fine. Uber is ready to pay the fine and hopes for changes in regulations that would allow them to operate without being fined in the future.

Cab drivers in South Florida have mixed emotions about the Uber and Lyft services. Some will wait and see how the new services fare while others believe it will be a detriment to their professions. Uber hopes to increase competition and possibly help the cab drivers by reducing the cost of the $70 medallions cab driver must pay to work each day. Uber is offering free rides for the next two weeks to introduce their services.

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