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With summer in full swing, July is one of the best times of the year to purchase a new vehicle. Dealerships are getting their inventories ready for fall and liquidating as many 2014 models off their lots as possible to make room for more 2015 models. Those same dealerships have been working hard all spring to sell as many vehicles as possible before the summer slowdown.

How do you cash in with enormous savings during this time of the year? First, you have to determine which type of vehicle you want and what your budget will be. Secondly, you can receive some free vehicle quotes from and see what your local dealership’s cost is for the vehicle you desire. Lastly, you find two or more dealerships in the area that stock the vehicle you are looking for and start a bidding war between them.

As mentioned earlier, July is a slow month for auto sales, so it may be the right time to tease a few dealerships with the prospect of selling you a new car. They will be very excited and anxious to do this to continue their strong 2014 calendar year sales. They might not be as excited to see you when you bring them a quote from 25 Best New Cars and you tell them how much you’d be willing to pay. If they are not willing to accept your offer, just mention to them that the dealership down the road might not be so quick to turn you away.

Are you in the market for a new car, truck or SUV? If so, the time might be now for you to take advantage of a weakness at the dealership. They need to move their current inventories to make room for 2015 models and are offering huge discounts on their 2014 models. They are not telling anyone and hope you still pay their sticker prices, but we are here to spill the beans and save you thousands on your next vehicle purchase.

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June 2014 was a good month for U.S. auto dealers. The industry as a whole enjoyed a 1.2 percent increase over last June’s vehicles sold numbers, beating the expectations by industry analysts. Even amid the flurry of recalls that has affected most of the manufacturers, sales have steadily increased.

Now July is upon us, and automakers are looking to finish the year strongly and make room on dealership lots for their 2015 models. That means they will have new car rebates and incentives ready to move their inventory off their lots. Finding these dealerships with overstocked models still on the lot can save you lots of cash.

What is the best way to take advantage of these rebates and incentives before it’s too late? First, get a price quote from Secondly, use those price quotes to start a bidding war between dealerships in your area selling the same vehicles. Lastly, take the lowest offer on an overstocked vehicle and save thousands on your next vehicle purchase.