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Best Car Price Guide. Research & Compare New and Used Cars, Get Quotes By Zip Code & Find One Near You. provides a plethora of information – professional and consumer reviews, reliability ratings, road test reviews, and consumer discussions.

Their professional model reviews provide pros and cons, what’s new for that model year, an introduction and description of everything contained in the new car.

In the consumer reviews section, owners rate their vehicles on a scale of 1 to 10 on performance, comfort, fuel economy, interior and exterior design, build quality, reliability, and how fun it is to drive. In addition to the detailed ratings, consumers also provide reviews, favorite features, and suggested improvements. The consumer discussion area is accessed from the ratings and reviews section or directly from the “Forums” tab, and is a great resource. can be described as a very complete website that allows the buyer to have access to verifiable and true information about the car he´s interested in, not only from specialized advisors but also from other buyers. In addition to this, Edmunds presents a top service feature called TMV – True Market Value Pricing that tells you what car buyers are paying in your area, so, you´ll know what to expect when negotiating. With TMV you can view, in advance, what you will pay. TMV doesn’t always show the best deal possible. But it does reflect the average of all the transactions within a region. Changeable factors, like how eager the dealer is to sell and the inventory levels of a particular dealer can also shape the purchase price.

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Compare carefully between different dealerships, this is the way you will see real pricing information derived from real numbers. Some pricing sites work with different dealers, so pricing quotes can be diverse. Tricky to get vehicles may not have a bulky discount. So take a few minutes getting your quotes, you will save money later. Negotiating the best price depends on the quotes you get from these sources.

Buying a new vehicle is a big investment, therefore you don´t have to leave anything unattended. When you request various new car price quotes that are from multiple sites you are escalating your chances of success as a higher number of car dealerships are going to contact you with their best offers. You can contrast and compare this price quotes to the figures given by TMV, and start negotiating for an even lower price.

Other pricing sites use different dealerships, therefore finding quotes from various sites will widen your probability of getting the best deal!

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