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GM has taken extensive steps with all of its branches to find the most groundbreaking innovation and technology advances for its vehicles. They are working with ethanol fueling options, introducing bio-diesel versions of their larger trucks, and even creating exhaust pipes that turn the heat let off by exhaust into energy that feeds back into the vehicles.

GM prides itself on its safety features so drivers have the confidence of knowing they are safe on the road. StabiliTrak is a feature GM has developed that anticipates the demands of the road. StabiliTrak assists the driver in times when the potential to lose control of the vehicle presents itself. When the system senses a skid it calculates speed and steering wheel position and then makes safe adjustments to the brakes and engine power so you can handle your situation safely.

GM also equips its vehicles with features that help it deal with collisions such as a Safety Cage Energy Management system so the frame absorbs the hit effectively, dual-depth air bags, and even side curtain airbags that are safer for child passengers.

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