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The New Kia Sportage a Top Choice for New Car Buyers

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Kia continues to improve, and the recent redesign of all their new models is another step forward in that direction. Lately it seems that the streets of America have become a dull place where the entire crossover SUV segment looks the same, uninspiring and insipid. The new redesigned structure of the Kia Sportage will truly make heads turn. Kia has come to the rescue with the Kia Sportage superb styling and sparkling handling.

Certainly the Kia Sportage has made a 180-degree change. The previous Sportage design could be catalogued as part of America’s boring SUV bunch. There’s no way someone could say the same about this design. The new Kia Sportage represents not only high value and low price. Is also a challenge from the Korean company to all brands that have hot selling SUVs on the market, they are making a statement, Kia learns fast and knows what America wants.

The Kia Sportage is one of the most refined small crossover SUV models available nowadays. This crossover SUV has a lot of passenger room and cargo room as well. If you are considering buying the new Kia Sportage you will be taking home a bargain. Not only is an already low priced SUV, but also if you request for a price quote you will have the chance to lower that price even further. The new Kia Sportage delivers more standard options than the competition for a much lower price. Therefore it has become a top SUV choice for many Americans.

The Kia Sportage is available in three trim levels, base, LX and EX. The base level comes with lots of standard features such as Bluetooth, audio and phone controls on the steering wheel, CD/MP3 player, satellite radio, USB inputs, and much more. Making the new Kia Sportage truly one of a kind.

The interior of the Sportage is also comfortable and pleasant, not only visually but to the touch. In addition, the Kia Sportage is fun to drive! What else can you ask for?

Request a price quote now and locate the best Kia dealerships in your area offering low Kia Sportage prices. Discover Internet pricing specials that will make this great SUV much more affordable than what it already is. Requesting for a price quote is a simple, no cost process. Start right now. Locate the right dealership and leave the car lot driving a brand new Kia Sportage!

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