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New Automobile Directory- Find the car of your dreams, request 100% free quotes online and find everyday top deals. is a powerful Internet website, providing the user with many tools to help locate the ideal new vehicle. One of these tools is a system of consumer reviews for any vehicle, listed through make or model. Also they offer a big community of new car buyers where you can freely ask questions and look for answers for your doubts. Vehix provides you with free and no-obligation quotes on new vehicles from up to three local dealerships. Setting foot on the dealership’s lot armed with a competitive quote will certainly give you the upper hand during negotiations. You are also able to compare the quotes provided by dealerships associated with Vehix to the quotes from many other websites that list the prices from dealerships in your immediate area.

The Vehix Experience has no flashy ads, no overwhelming array of links. Just useful tools and information organized in a user-friendly layout. In addition to searching car values, allows you to search local dealer inventory of new cars and offers a wealth of vehicle information, including info on hybrid vehicles, finance, insurance and certified dealer’s price quotes. You can discuss on the online forum automotive issues with other users.

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It is important to conduct an extensive search among several dealers, this way you will be able to discover actual pricing that is based on factual figures. Be aware that various pricing websites collaborate with different dealers, which makes price quotes for the same vehicle vary. Get a consensus between the prices given by local dealers and the dealership prices you will receive from Vehix. Hard to get cars might not have a large discount. Invest a couple of minutes of your time on getting quotes from these sources and later you will find yourself saving a couple of thousand dollars when using factual knowledge during negotiations with your local dealership.

The following are some of the advantages of requesting for free online pricing quotes on new vehicles which will arm you with the right knowledge about pricing. You will get to the dealership lot truly well prepared for negotiation.

  • All these quotes are completely free to you, there is zero obligation.
  • On average, new vehicle quotes will range from $250 below to $500 above invoice.
  • You are not dealing with sales people, there are zero tricks, there are zero wasted extras.
  • You can compare different prices from multiple dealerships at once.

By making use of these services you will easily cut the time spent car shopping by half since deals are typically achieved within an hour.

Pricing among different sites varies as they work with various dealerships, this is why it is important to quote from several websites as you greatly increase the odds of discovering that awesome deal.

Request a pricing quote today, it is free and of no obligation to you. Compare it to the pricing on Use the competition among dealerships to your advantage and enhance your negotiating ability! Find pricing quotes from dealerships in your vicinity!