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The Best Way to Buy a New Car – The When, Where & How of Paying Less

Learn the truth about how to buy a new car for less. Don’t shop for a new car based on rumors or speculation. Find out the best month or even day to buy a new car. Determine the best place to buy a new car in your town and how to negotiate the lowest possible price. Request a free no-obligation new car price quote and gain access to all this and more in minutes.
What is the Best Month to Buy a New Car?
There are two answers to this question. One, December is the best month to buy a new car. Two, throughout the year smart shoppers can find deals equal or better than those available at the end of the year. December is the best month to get great deals on new cars for a few reasons. First, dealers trying to make yearly goals will not hesitate to lower prices in order… Read More
What’s the Best Way to Buy a Car?
Simply walking into a random dealership, selecting a car and purchasing is the worst way to buy a new car. You’re likely to pay thousands of dollars more than the average buyer would for the same vehicle. The best way to buy a car takes research and planning. Finding the best price on a new car may sound time consuming, but what if you could save say $500 for every… Read More
The Best Place to Buy a Car
Why is it that the word car salesman has a negative connotation? The fact is many car dealerships today prefer honest and straightforward negotiations. A smart car buyer can easily arm himself with all the information needed to get the best deal on a new car. It no longer makes sense for dealers to resort to scams. Simply ensure that you’re working with well qualified dealers… Read More
The Best Day to Buy a Car
Buying a new car can make just about any day feel like the best day. However, getting a great deal on a new car will keep you happy for the long run. The best day to buy a car varies, but here are a few that are better than others. Three Day Weekends, Car dealers often increase advertising to boost holiday sales. They see the extra day as an opportunity to make a quick sale… Read More
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Find the Best New Car from Local Dealers by Comparing to True Market Value Pricing provides a plethora of information – professional and consumer reviews, reliability ratings, road test reviews, and consumer discussions. Their professional model reviews provide pros and cons, what’s new for that model year, an introduction and description of everything contained in the new car. In the consumer reviews section, owners rate their vehicles on a… Read More