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The futuristic GM and expected car has finally arrived in Central Illinois and it can currently be found in most car showrooms.

Fred Smith, a salesman for Uftring-Weston Chevrolet in the area mentioned: “GM started selling the Volt on the east and west coasts and in Texas. Now they’re expanding distribution. By 2012, they’ll be in all 50 states.”

Until last month, General Motors reports to have sold almost 4,000 Chevy Volts, low number for the expected 10,000 sale goal they had set for the first year. This also has to do with the fact that the car is still not available in many states.

On the other side of the world though, the Volt has recently arrived and according to Brian Dennison, manager of Dennison Chevrolet in Pekin: “There’s been a lot of interest, a lot of curiosity.” This dealership recently received two Volts to hold on to and show to customers for the next following months.

He adds: “(GM) wants people to have a chance to see it and touch it. It’s a very sophisticated car with a lot of technology.

The GM model takes about 10 hours to recharge the battery on a 110 volt outlet and about only 4 in a 220 volt outlet. The generator uses 9.3 gallons of gas, which allows the consumer to drive more than 340 miles!

All time Japanese manufacturer Toyota, has recently launched a brand new advertising campaign for the expected 2012 Camry sedan. The car will be completely made in the USA, and rumor has it, that it will come with many new features and gadgets.

Toyota is focusing mainly in this vehicle to increase car sales in the United States and have spent a huge amount of money in the marketing video It’s Ready. Are you?

The vehicle is being advertised as very innovative, improved and created based on consumer’s new needs and expectations.

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