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Once again, the most anticipated sales day is here. Black Friday is the best day to buy a car according to many new and loyal customers.

Besides the fact that manufacturers roll out a serious of big discounts, rebates and incentives this day, being the end of the month may give you a great advantage when negotiating a good car deal with you local dealership. Often dealers must reach a quota by the end of the month, so they are more willing to lower the price.

Please find a list of 2012 models that are currently offering amazing car discounts:

    2011 Cadillac DTS
  • Invoice Price: $49,989
  • Discount: Over 20%
    2011 Chevrolet Malibu
  • Invoice Price: $22,586
  • Discount: Over 20%
    2011 Chevrolet Suburban
  • Invoice Price: $53,569
  • Discount: Over 20%
    2011 Mazda6
  • Invoice Price: $20,200
  • Discount: Over 20%

For those of you who are discussing which is the best month to buy a new car, November or December? Well, that’s a good tie, although at the moment we can say that Black Friday discounts and rebates are so far much better than last end of year ones.

According to many manufacturers and sources, discounts will start at about 13% and go up to almost 23% off, which would make a very nice incentive if you are considering to buy a new car this season.

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Toyota had announced since early this year, they planned to bring out 10 brand new models in the following twenty months. Amongst these models, there are three more Prius models and one Camry.

The manufacturer has created a midsize Prius vehicle thinking in families and their needs, adding more space value, comfort and functionality to the new version.

Being considered one of the best hybrid cars, The Prius has sold, since 2001, over a million hybrid cars in the USA. We have no doubt that this new version, will certainly be another big seller.

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GM has been working hard in two new cars to be launched this year in order to increase sales in the US. Next week, the new Cadillac XTS sedan will be revealed.

The Cadillac XTS, will be available for new customers as of spring of 2012, and aims to compete with the Audi 6 and Mercedes E Class.

According to Alan Baum, industry consultant at Baum & Associates in Michigan: “The luxury segments are very much dependent on new product, and Cadillac has kind of let itself get behind.” “They’ve been able to get by with it because SRX clearly has been very successful and they’ve done some variants on CTS.”

The manufacturer has yet to announce XTS price later on this month, but is confirmed that the car will be somewhat bigger than its competitors.