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A dealership’s pricing can be elusive. Websites try their very best to stay up to date with these changing numbers but truth be told, they report general price ranges rather than actual and exact costs. Our price quotes are the most accurate ones on the net.

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True car dealer costs are often hidden from car buyers so that salesmen have the opportunity to gouge as much money out of the buyer as possible. Requesting a price quote will help you see behind the scenes to the actual pricing that dealerships pay for their vehicle fleets.

Dealerships have two main ways of generating the most possible amount of profit out of a sale.

The first approach is inflating the actual price of the car or truck. An auto dealership pays a low price for each car it buys and is also offered special cash incentives and reimbursement opportunities by the manufacturer. A pricing quote will display the real cost of each vehicle and show you just what you ought to aim for during your negotiations with your local dealership.

The second way dealerships make money is the tricky art of add-ons. These are a way of attaching charges for things done to the car or added to the car that you may not even want to begin with.

For example, a vehicle coming straight from the factory will have a stereo system already installed. When the car gets to the lot, the dealer takes the stock radio out and throws a multiple CD-changer in there and charges $800 for it. A quick search online for CD-changers and you’ll find you can get a new one for as low as $100.

Why pay an extra $700? A free price quote will reveal the real cost of your vehicle, allowing you to spot where the dealer is trying to sneak in add-ons.

Don’t worry about getting overcharged ever again! Your free, no obligation price quote has potential to save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Prepare yourself the right way for your new vehicle purchase.

A free, no obligation price quote helps you see through to the true price you should aim to pay for your new car or truck.