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How to Find the Best Prices for New Cars

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Buying a new car can be an exciting and emotional experience. However finding the best deals on new cars takes thoughtful planning and patience. This may be the biggest buy you make this year, and thinking of it as an investment can save you thousands.

Fortunately, find the best prices for new cars isn’t complicated. By braking down the steps and completing one by one you can find the lowest price for the exact car you want.

So, you just found the new car or truck you want. You’re excited, already imagining yourself behind the wheel. Stop! Relax, take your time to complete the next steps and not only will you get the new car you want, you’ll get a great deal as well.

Feel free to visit the dealership and test drive the vehicle you are interested in, however make it clear you’re not there to buy. There are a few things you need to find out before you begin the negotiating process.

  • Learn the actual price of the new car you want. This means finding out what other buyers are currently paying in your area, MSRP and factory invoice prices. Armed with these three figures you will be able to determine if the dealer’s offer is a good price or not.
  • Find out what rebates and incentives are currently available for the vehicle. Remember, most discount offers are only available for a limited time, make sure the information you have is up-to-date. Also look for special offers such as loyalty programs, college grad and military discounts, there may be an incentive program designed just for you.
  • Research multiple lenders and determine the best financing plan. Often banks or credit unions can provide much lower interest rates than the dealership. Remember, the shorter the term of your loan, the less you’ll pay. Consider making the largest down payment you possibly can.
  • If you are planning to trade in your current vehicle, find out it’s actual resale value. You can easily find used vehicle values in the USA online. Knowing the real value of your trade in will ensure you get every penny it’s worth from the dealership.

Now you are ready to start shopping for the best price on the new car you want. It’s best to compare new car prices at multiple dealerships, as well as negotiate with more than one dealer. You can find the best place to buy a car online by requesting a free no-obligation price quote.

Connect with multiple dealers, tell them what you want and request a price quote. You can do this by way of phone, fax or email. Once you have received a response compare all offers and respond. Clarify that the offer is the complete price and includes all additional fees. If the dealer tries to discuss financing, rebates, or your trade in, be clear that you only want to negotiate the new car price at this time.

Once you have determined the best price, work with the dealer to factor in available rebates, discounts, and your trade in. Complete the contract and you have just negotiated the best price on a new car!