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How to Get the Best New Car Prices

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When buying a new car we all want to pay the lowest price possible for the exact car we want. Nothing stinks up the new car smell like sitting behind the wheel of a car you didn’t really want or finding out you paid more than you should have. By following a few simple steps you can avoid both.

Prepared Shoppers Pay Less

  • Learn the true invoice prices of the vehicles you are interested in. You can easily do this by using a free online service such as
  • Know your financing options before you step foot in the dealership. There are plenty of online resources that will assist you in finding the lowest interest rates and monthly payments.
  • Compare dealer financing offers to the rates you already received, dealers often make a commission on the plans they sell, so be wary.
  • Do not divulge your financing plans, your deal should be negotiated based on the actual price of the vehicle you’re looking to buy.
  • Research warranty and insurance offers, if needed set up both before heading to the dealership.

Patient Shoppers Get the Best Deals

  • Request quotes from as many dealerships as you can, compare prices and special offers and save for later negotiations.
  • Be cautious, think through every offer be for agreeing.
  • Do not allow yourself to feel pressured or backed into a deal.
  • Work with multiple dealers making them compete against one another.
  • Contain your emotions. Yes, buying a new car is exciting, but try pretending you’re playing poker, do not let the dealer read your cards.

Smart Shoppers Drive Away Happy

  • Remain polite, no dealer will want to give you a good deal if you’re rude.
  • Don’t discuss trade-ins, the last thing you want to do is add another factor to the negotiating process. If the dealer asks say no, you can always change your mind.
  • Avoid getting distracted by rebate and incentive offers until you’ve established a price. These deals should count as extra savings, not part of the purchase price.
  • Compare rebates to financing discounts, often a lower interest rate will save you more than the few thousand you get back at the time of purchase.
  • Don’t be afraid to walk away. Of course you should be polite, but if you’re not getting what seems fair, get up and walk out. You can tell the dealer you need time to think.

There you have it, by remembering these simple rules you will be able to negotiate the best price on a new car or truck. Remember it’s your money, make the most of it. Get started today by requesting free no-obligation price quotes from dealers in your area and find the best new car prices today!