7 Easy Tricks to Finding the Best Deal New Cars

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Car dealers are always looking for ways to increase profits, they attempt to hide discounts and use sneaky sales tactics to make the most off every new car sale. The secret is, you can out smart the dealer by knowing a few simple tricks and find the best deal new cars in your area.

First, it’s important to remember not all new car dealers are out to scam you. Many are honest and straightforward aiming to provide the best service and create loyal customers. Finding these dealerships is key to making your car buying experience as easy and stress free as possible.

Regardless of the dealer’s sales practices you can use the following tricks to get the best deal on new cars.

1. Learn real new car prices in your area, find out what buyers are actually paying for the exact vehicle you want. Next find out the MSRP and factory invoice prices. These numbers will allow you to gauge the quality of every deal you are offered.

2. Contact multiple dealerships in your area and request a price quote on the vehicle you want. The more dealers you work with the more likely you are to get the best price on a new car or truck. You can even pit dealers against each other, making them compete for your business by lowering their offer.

3. Visit multiple dealerships and test drive the new car you want. Be clear you are just there to test drive and not ready to purchase. This is a good way to connect with the dealer and show him you’re serious about buying a new vehicle. Making them invest time showing you the vehicle will increase their likelihood of working to make the best offer.

4. Return home and begin negotiating with each dealer. It is best to negotiate via phone or email. This will allow you to maintain control of the negotiating process and give you time to think through every deal your offered. Work with each dealership to negotiate the lowest price they are willing to offer.

5. After you have found the best deal, discuss rebates and incentives. Take time to research current offers so you know every discount available to you. Do the math, a few thousand off the price may sound good, but perhaps a lower interest rate can save you more over the long run.

6. Research your financing options. Dealers receive a commission for the financing plans they sell. This makes them more likely to offer you the most expensive plan possible. Check with various banks and credit unions to find the best offer for your credit rating.

7. Once you feel confident you’ve found the best deal possible on all fronts, go to the dealership to sign the contract and pick up your keys. This is an exciting time, however it’s important that you carefully read the contract before you sign. If you have any questions or find unexpected charges ask the dealer to explain.

To save time request a free no-obligation new car quote today. We’ll provide you with everything you need to find the best deal new cars in your area.

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