You Can Find the Best Deals on New Cars – Here’s How

Incomparable Deals on New Autos - Check Out this Month's Best Car Deals on the 2009 Models. Get a Free Price Quote with Us Now.

As a new car buyer you are entitled to all available discounts and special offers. Don't let a fast talking salesperson convince you otherwise. Visit the dealership knowing the best prices on new cars in your area, secret internet only incentives, and manufacture rebates. Follow these straightforward steps and know your getting the best deal on your new car.

Carefully Plan Your Purchase

  1. Determine Your Budget - Calculate how much you can afford to put down and pay per month.
  2. Consider Multiple Vehicles - Selecting multiple vehicles that meet your needs. Increase your odds on finding the lowest possible price.
  3. Discover Real Prices - Learn the invoice price and MSRP of each vehicle you're considering, as well as what other buyers are also paying in your area.
  4. Uncover Rebates & Incentives - Find all available cash rebates, dealer incentives and leasing specials, before contacting your dealer. Armed with these bonus savings you'll be able to get the best new car deal.
  5. Know Your Financing Options - Most dealers receive a commission on financing plans they sell. By setting up financing before hand you'll know you're getting the best deal.

Work with Multiple Dealers to Find the Best Deal

  1. Request Multiple Quotes - Every quote you receive increases your chances of finding the best deals on new cars in your area.
  2. Make Your Offer Via Email - Once you know the new car deals available contact a few dealerships and make an offer. Communicating via email will allow you time to think through all counter offers you receive.
  3. Force Dealers to Compete - The bottom-line is dealerships need to make sales, nothing will get a salesperson to drop his price like telling him the competition down the street made you a better offer.
  4. Discuss Complete Prices - Make sure all offers include dealership fees and any addtional charges. You don't want to be surprised with these at signing time.
  5. Get Added Savings - Discuss any additional discounts after you and the dealer have agreed on a price. Rebates and incentives should be bonus savings and not included in the original price negotiation.

Get Started Today

  1. Learn Invoice Prices - We don't keep factory invoice prices or MSRP a secret. Research the vehicles you're interested in and review this weeks best deals.
  2. Request Free Quotes - Use our service to locate the best new car deals in your area, simply request a free no-obligation quote.
  3. Receive Multiple Offers - In just seconds we can connect you with qualified dealers in your area. Many of our dealers are struggling to reach sales goals and will make you rock-bottom offers.
  4. Find Rebates & Invectives - Our nationwide database compiles the best cash back rebates, secret dealer incentives and internet only leasing specials. Receive current information on the best deals in your area - free with every new car price quote request!
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