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A Checklist for Finding the Best Car Prices

Best Car Pricing – Find Local Dealers with the Best and Lowest Car Prices. Includes Secret Incentives and Lease Deals.

Lets face the facts, car dealers want to make as much as they can from every sale. You want to save as much as you can on your new car purchase. These conflicting interests make negotiating the best price on a new car an intimidating prospect for most new car buyers.

Yes, the dealer is more experienced than you, he sells cars every day. However, you can turn the tables. You can learn nearly everything the dealer knows about the vehicle you want to buy. More than that, you hold the key to what the dealer wants, the sale.

New Car Buying Check List

Use this simple checklist to prepare. Find the best car prices and pay the lowest price possible for the new car you want.

  • Try multiple vehicles and avoid setting your heart on just one.
  • Consider outgoing models, often there is little difference between years other than price.
  • Learn the actual invoice price of the vehicles you’re interested in.
  • Find the best financing offers before going to the dealership.
  • Shop at month or year end, the dealer will be more likely to offer the best deals.
  • Relax, you have the power. Do not allow yourself to feel pressured into any purchase.
  • Walk away from any deal that doesn’t feel right, you can always tell the dealer you need a couple of days to think.
  • Avoid getting excited, it’s understandable you’ve fallen in love, but there are other dealerships with the same vehicle.
  • Negotiate the actual car price plus dealer fees, to not include rebates or incentives.
  • Do not discuss your trade-in, this should only be considered after a purchase price has been agreed upon.
  • Do not accept add-ons, it’s a new car, it does not need rustproofing or paint sealant.
  • Do not settle, buy what you can afford and accept only offers that you’re willing to pay.
  • Make a cheat sheet with all of this information, having everything at hand will make negotiating easier.
  • Discuss available your trade-in, cash rebates and dealer incentives once you have agreed on a price.
  • Read the fine print, don’t just sign the contract. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask.

To summarize, research, research, research. Then, armed with the correct information, stand strong and negotiate the best price. The dealer will not be in control if you don’t let him. Get started today by requesting a free new car price quote, and receive multiple no-obligation offers from qualified dealers!