GM Family First Discounts: Is it Really Your Best Deal?

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What are GM Family First Discounts?

The Family First Discount is a great deal offered by GM to their employees allowing them to get employee discounts for up to 6 family members. Also, 2 friends of executive employees and 1 friend of other employees are eligible to receive the GM supplier discount per month. These discounts are a great way to save money, but may not be applied to every vehicle. To get the discount an employee must first get you an authorization code through the company website.

What Incentives Do They Offer?

GM wants to sell as many GM models as possible. Sometimes they will offer cash incentives if you are switching from your current model to a GM. Employee incentives include vehicle allowances to ensure they keep their staff driving and promoting only GM. Incentive deals are offered on certain models through cash rebates or low APR financing.

GM offers a special credit card to GM employees and family members called the GM extended family card, this will give you 1% on any purchase and if this is combined with GM discounts you will be eligible for more rewards.

Getting a vehicle through the family first program is an incentive in itself, you can get huge discounts on certain models just by having a friend or family member who works at GM get you a special authorization code to take to the dealership. The GM employee also gets bonuses for promoting GM, so everyone wins!

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Are You Eligible?

If you or any of your family members work for GM, then you are eligible for the GM family first employee discount. This includes:

Also eligible are 2 friends for executives and 1 friend for other employees per month to receive the GM Supplier discount.

Do any Other Automakers Provide Similar Programs?

While other manufactures offer employee discounts and incentive programs, very few manufacturers allow their employees to extend this to their family and friends. GM is known for having the best employee, friend and family discounts available. The only rival is Ford which offers different tiers of discounts for different employees and their family members. In short, the GM Family First discount will allow you to take advantage of one of a kind great savings.

If I’m not eligible for Family First Discounts, how can I find similar savings?

If you are not eligible for the GM family first discount, there are some other options. For example, you can join a credit union, or you can become eligible for the GM supplier discount. But just because you are not eligible under the family first program does not mean you won’t be able find great savings on GM models in your area. We work with a large network of dealerships to get you the best secret discounts and hidden incentives out there. Request your FREE car quote today and see all the best GM deals in your area.

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